We love to understand more about the institutions values and work environment to come up with an updated look or we are happy to work with your current pattern.

Once contracted we will develop a few sketches and based on the feedback will present detailed drawings with the selected fabric, colors and accessories.


One of our core strength areas is high quality durable fabrics. We can offer woven fabrics in Cotton or blends like Polyester Cotton and Polyester Viscose and knitwear in custom constructions with various finish options like anti wrinkle, anti odour, silver ion, wet wick etc.


COLOR: We can custom dye to any color in the PANATONE shade.

LOGO APPROVAL: We can embroider or provide logo patches as per the brands requirement.

SAMPLING: Post freezing on all the specifications a sample garment will be made for inspection and approval.


SIZE MEASUREMENT: We will individually measure or size fit at your location of choice.

DELIVERY SCHEDULE: We require 25-30 days for fabric and 45 days for garments.

PACKAGE: Garments will be packed individually and shipped in cartons of 56x48x42cm